mercredi 5 janvier 2011

Customer Effort Score is it the futur metric?

Today everybody is used to measure customer satisfaction, first contact resolution rate, service level, NPS,...Is it really what your customer are waiting for?

For sure the answer is simply NO. Customers will mainly choose to buy from you because of:

- your brand message and promises
- your product and feature
- your price

but what they expected from you is to provide a "First Top Class Service", they don't care about your SLA, the way you measure their satisfaction. They want you to take care of them and provide the service they are paying for.

During years, and years contact centers are running after a goal, pick-up the phone as quickly as possible!!! Yes, they even get recognition and prices for it!!! Excellent not? Imagine you want to buy French "croissants" will you prefer to wait a couple of minutes and get the best ones, or ask the baker to speed and give you what it can give view in few seconds? This is really how you want a baker to provide you "the service" you want?

For sure not, you can ever imagine it could be possible, why are you acting like this with your own customers? What is the different between you and them?

CES (Customer Effort Score) is really a good metric to start focusing on delivering the service your customers are expected from you and the time you need to deliver it.

CES = Time Spent By Customers * Number Of Interactions Needed